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Time Management for today's workplace

Effective Time Management Course       

One Day Course


With the increasing emphasis on better results, and on giving improved customer service, organisations need to achieve more, year by year, with the same resources.  Managers and employees are inevitably having to do more than one thing at a time, without getting stressed!

This training course offers participants at all levels techniques for getting more out of their working day, for eliminating non-productive activities, for creating time to think and plan, and for making sure they do not get taken off course by  the myriad of unplanned events and requests that come their way each day.

What you will learn on the course: 

  • How to clarify your own personal objectives in order to deliver business objectives
  • Prioritising your workload to meet deadlines
  • Identifying and changing your own habits that lose you time
  • How to reclaim several hours per week of unproductive time
  • Creating time for important tasks
  • Identifying external time wasters, e.g. gossip, clutter, interruptions, procrastination
  • The value of daily action plans
  • How to cope with interruptions and say ‘no’ politely

Who should attend

Anyone who has some discretion over how they use their time and who would like to use it more efficiently


For more info phone 07514 031549 or complete booking form