Clarity 4D

Clarity 4D Character Type Recognition

Learning 2XL are accredited to harness the power of Clarity 4D Personality Profiling which utilises four colours to highlight and understand the different Character Types that we all meet on a daily basis. Before attending certain training and coaching workshops we ask delegates to complete a simple on-line questionnaire from which a Personality Profile is generated which is unique to the individual

This profile is then used during the day to help provide fascinating insights in to the 'Preferred Behaviours' that we all have and tend to use when communicating with others. Understanding yourself a little better is therefore the first dimension of Clarity 4D.

The second dimension is how others see us as individuals, and of course how people therefore react to us according to their own Character Type and Preferred Behaviour. This effectively demonstrates why different people can have extreme and opposing reactions to exactly the same situation.

Areas of hidden potential form the third dimension in which delegates are encouraged to consider recognising other types in the workplace and learn how to modify their own behaviours, often only slightly but usually to great effect when getting the best from other people!

The fourth and last dimension involves looking at the time it may take to develop this hidden potential. As always with Learning 2XL we like to ensure that training is of tangible benefit and therefore cost effective, with positive behavioural change in the workplace being encouraged at all times as a result.

Over the years we have found Clarity 4D to be hugely popular with our delegates, and it really does help open up a new world of understanding that can be applied to all areas of our working life.


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