Business Process Mapping

For groups of people - at your premises or a location of your choice.


Bespoke workshops and support depending on organisational requirements

This specialised offering will assist in the understanding of how to map business process in order to standardise procedures, meet audit requirements, improve efficiency and therefore gain a competitive advantage over business rivals.

A series of workshops and hands-on support will provide the skills and knowledge required to identify area of improvement, eliminate waste and duplication resulting in becoming a more efficient organisation.

Our trainer and coach is a qualified lean practitioner and ISO auditor with extensive experience in business process improvement.

The approach would be to work with your organisation to identify key benefits and develop a solution to suit needs. Workshops can be adapted to suit between 1-10 delegates providing flexibility depending upon the size of the project.

We may also be able to help if only part of this programme is required or if needs are more advanced. Please contact us for more information.


Subject Areas Covered

An introduction to Process Mapping. Identifying current business processes, which to prioritise and developing a process map.

Measuring efficiency. Designing simple but efficient metrics and establishing current process performance.

Analysing the current process. Identifying the seven areas of waste and prioritising areas for improvement.

Improving the process. Re-desiging various processes to remove waste, add customer value and improve performance.

Trial, implement and control the new process(es). Either practical support or self-guided tuition.


Who Should Attend Business Process Mapping?

Members of a team from any organisation that is looking to map business processes and improve business efficiencies.


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