Assertiveness Training

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Course duration: 1 day

Most of us know what it means to be assertive, but it is usually much harder to put in to practice that it is to explain the meaning. Unfortunately some individuals who may be rather passive by nature can often mistake aggressive behaviour in others as them behaving assertively, therefore when they attempt to be more assertive themselves it can cause them problems and create which they react passively again.

Passive behaviour in the workplace can cause all sorts of problems for the individual, the team and the organisation as a whole. It can sap an individuals confidence and affect team morale as a whole,as well as having potential consequences regarding an individuals rights to Dignity at Work

Being more assertive improves a person's chances of standing up for what is right and reduces frustration, whilst enabling individuals to deal with difficult situations more effectively. Above all it is a way of influencing others and communicating with them as equals, to ensure that self-esteem and respect is maintained by all concerned.

This one-day course will provide delegates with fascinating insights as to what actually defines assertive behaviour, and assist them in behaving more assertively when they return to work.


Subject Areas Covered

The importance of assertive behaviour. How this affects relationships at work and life in general, and a look at the 'cause and effect' of the various behaviours we all encounter when interacting with others.

Negotiation Styles. Delegates complete a questionnaire to help the identify their true underlying behaviours and we explore the differences between passive, passive aggressive , aggressive and assertive behaviours.

Key Personal Strengths and Character Type. Identify and understand your own preferences and how you communicate. How others will react to your communication style, any why you can say the same thing, in the same way to different people and get completely different results.

All delegates will be asked to complete Clarity 4D Personal Profile by completing an online questionnaire before attending the course. These Personal Profiles will then be used on the day to provide valuable insights in to preferences and behaviours.

Body Language. A highly popular session highlighting body language and decoding various hidden clues. How to generate confidence through body language and what to avoid if you want to get the most from people.

Using your voice. How to effectively verbally communicate and project confidence and authority, even if you are feeling unsure.

Techniques and changing behaviours. Barrier beliefs and how to overcome them. Techniques to increase levels of assertiveness including 'Broken Record', 'Fogging' and 'Positive Inner Dialogue'.

Difficult people or situations. An opportunity for delegates to discuss their own issues if they want to, and some practical hints and tips to assist when dealing with confrontation. This session includes assisting delegates to improve their skills in the art of saying 'no' confidently and calmly.


What Next? Delegates will be encouraged to share what they have learned throughout the day, and capture this by creating a Personal Action Plan for implementation at the workplace.


Who Should Attend Assertiveness Training?

This course is designed for individuals who may struggle to be assertive at work, usually because of a tendency to be passive, but sometimes, also because they sometimes behave aggressively (often whilst being unaware that they are doing so).

Course content will be adapted and modified according to the needs of delegates and those of the organisation.


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