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The manner in which a new employee starts their role within any organisation is vital as this will inevitably impact upon their subsequent behaviors and performance. 

The absence of an Induction Programme will mean that the new starter will simply look to existing staff for guidance, and usually emulate the behaviors and habits that they observe. 

This in itself may not be a problem; however the induction process provides an excellent opportunity for the organisation to set out the standards that it expects of all new employees. 

The role of providing such induction training often falls to individuals within an organisation who are busy in their current role, and finding the time to deliver this on a regular basis can often be a huge challenge. 

A number of organisations recognise the benefit of working with a training provider to assist them with design and/or delivery of this key discipline. We can bring with us our experience in this area, and work closely with you to assist with the design and/or the delivery of engaging and meaningful training which will ensure that the new staff member is clear on what is required of them, and confident in starting their new role. 

Below is an indication of some of the areas covered within a typical induction programme. All organisations are different however, and we would seek to work closely with you to bespoke training according to your individual needs. 


Subject Areas Covered 

A number of the areas below may be delivered by, or with the employer. A site tour would usually be included to familiarise the employee with their surroundings….

 Welcome and Personal Matters. This section would involve pay, holidays, sickness, pension, site security, leaving and entering the premises, recording attendance and grievance procedures. Working hours, breaks, shifts and PPE may also be included in this section.

 Description of unit or team. Would include describing the work, the organisation structure, management and supervision and how it fits within the wider organisation. Introductions to colleagues and to key staff or management.

 Staff member’s duties. What is expected and how to operate in terms of standards, systems, legislation, use of equipment and resources, use of company computers.

 Conduct and standards including who to approach if in need of help and support, and what is appropriate and not appropriate in the work place. Uniform and dress code.

 Customers: who are they, their expectations and how to deal with them politely and effectively.

 Local policy, procedures and arrangements. This section may include COSHH, Health and Safety Policy, First Aid, Fire Precautions, Fire Drill and Testing, Security, Smoking Policy, Hygiene Requirements, Risk Assessment, Manual Handling and Accident Reporting. The use of mobile ‘phones and social media is also usually included.

Conclusion. Any questions or areas of concern. Staff would normally be asked to sign an attendance sheet and check list upon completion.


Who Should Attend Induction Training?

Any member of staff new to the organisation either full time/part time or temporary.

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