Negotiation Skills Training

For groups of people - at your premises or a location of your choice.


Course duration: 1 or 2 days depending on the needs of an organisation

We negotiate and influence people most days, often without even realising it, and this includes within our personal life and of course in the workplace as well.

Organisations often support the professional development of their technical professionals with specialist knowledge and skills training, but fail to provide staff with the tools they need to persuade decision makers of the right course of action. Alternatively, they may want to make a successful business case, get others to adopt their ideas, or be trying to sell a service or product; in any of these circumstances training to assist in this regard can be of huge benefit.

What ever the reason for considering Negotiating and Influencing Training, we can adapt to suit your individual needs and provide a fun, practical and enlightening day. The principles covered in this workshop will help delegates to build their credibility, encourage others to accept their ideas or suggestions and negotiate with confidence.


Subject Areas Covered

Defining the subject. Identifying the key elements and the differences between being persuasive and manipulative. What makes a good communicator and why others struggle.

Key Personal Strengths and Character Type. Identify and understand your own preferences and how you communicate. How others will react to your communication style, any why you can say the same thing, in the same way to different people and get completely different results.

All delegates will be asked to complete Clarity 4D Personal Profile by completing an online questionnaire before attending the course. These Personal Profiles will then be used on the day to provide valuable insights in to preferences and behaviours.

Listening Skills. Communication is not all about talking but listening too! The power of active listening and how to respond effectively, and establishing the needs and views of others using effective questioning techniques.

Style of communication. How to adapt these styles according to circumstance and therefore influence others in a positive manner. 'Selling' your proposition and dealing with challenges and objections.

Body Language. A highly popular session highlighting body language and decoding various hidden clues. How to generate confidence through body language and what to avoid if you want to get the most from people.

Using your voice. How to effectively verbally communicate and project confidence and authority, even if you are feeling unsure.

Difficult people or situations. An opportunity for delegates to discuss their own issues if they want to, and some practical hints and tips to assist when dealing with confrontation.


What Next? All delegates are encouraged to discuss what they have learned, discuss how this could be applied back in the workplace, and commit to positive behavioural change.


Who Should Attend Negotiating and Influencing Training?

For all staff and managers who want to influence and persuade positively.


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