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Course duration: 1 day

Management is a balancing act – striving to achieve high performance in terms of quantity and quality, customer focus and tight budgeting, continuous improvement and good leadership.  There is a danger of trying to achieve it all but failing to achieve any of it.

Our Business Planning Course introduces and utilises the 'Balanced Scorecard' which is a planning technique that can help when setting balanced priorities for customer needs, financial targets, operational excellence and learning and growth. It provides a clear and practical approach to planning for the future which makes it easy to engage with staff along the way and encourages effective reporting on progress as it is made.

This course is often amended to suit the specific requirement of the organisation we are working with, and we would seek to engage with clients before the course to ensure we understand the needs and required outcomes that are often specific to your business. The content of our Business Planning courses would often include the following:


Subject areas covered

Clarifying and gaining consensus.  Looking at the key factors that set the performance agenda for the business, including vision, mission and strategy. The common links that lie between departments and functions and common denominators. Using stakeholder feedback to determine priorities.

The Balanced Scorecard. An introduction to this useful tool and it's common applications. Seeing if it is possible to translate vision, mission and strategy into Scorecard Perspectives. 

Strategic targets. Identifying and setting strategic goals for each line of business.

Creating a sound basis for business planning. 'Cause and effect' chains and how they determine what needs to be planned, and plotting these on to the Balanced Scorecard for each line of business. Sustaining investment in intellectual and intangible assets

Performance Measurement. A brief overview on measuring progress and providing clarity of goals for day-to-day operations and monitoring progress . Developing Scorecard templates for objectives, measures, targets and initiatives and providing a tool for organisational learning.

The Business Plan. Making a strategy in to a plan including the four processes to manage the strategy and ensure it is kept current and up to date.

Communicating the plan. A session exploring the different ways of ensuring that any business plan is shared effectively with staff, from conception through to implementation, gaining staff commitment and ensuring that they are engaged in the process.


Who should attend Business Planning Course?     

Managers and management teams who want a results-driven approach to business planning, and who wish to safeguard the future of the business. 


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