Managing Change Training

For groups of people - at your premises or a location of your choice.


Course duration: 1 day



Many organisations face almost continual change, for a variety of reasons, and these changes will affect teams and individuals in different ways.

The impact of change can be disorientating and stressful and this course aims to assist in making sense of the reasons and consequences of change, why people react in the way they do, and how individuals can learn to deal with it positively.

This Managing Change Training workshop can also be designed to assist managers in understanding the challenges involved in managing change and provide them with the skills necessary to support staff throughout the process.The subject areas below may well therefore alter according to the target audience and the individual circumstances and requirements of your organisation.


Subject Areas Covered

Have we been here before? Looking at the experience of change in the past, how well it was previously received and how successfully it was embedded in the organisation, including how this has shaped views and attitudes to current changes. 

Assessing your own resistance. Identifying our own response and what needs to happen to overcome the challenges that this presents, and practical advise and assistance is provided to assist delegates in this regard.

Exploring issues in change. A session looking at the emotional responses to change and the business and personal impact of failing to deal with team member's needs and concerns.

Vision and Commitment. The importance of developing and sharing a vision and how to gain people's commitment using compelling reasons and clear objectives. Driving momentum and managing resistance utilising the correct change management strategy.

Communication.  Leading on from the previous session we look at why communication during change is the key to success and how to develop an effective communication strategy. Allowing individuals an opportunity to express their fears and frustrations is also covered.....this is important to allow individuals to move past any 'receptivity blocks' they may potentially prevent them from being engaged and committed to the process.

Minimising Stress. How to encourage others to be positive and optimistic, handle loss and overcome fear of the unknown.


What next? Delegates are encouraged to share their personal circumstances and experiences, to capture what they have learned during the course and confirm how they will implement this on return to the workplace.


Who should attend Managing Change Training?

Members of management teams who are assisting, or are about to assist in managing the implementation of change within an organisation.


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