Business Writing Skills Course

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Course duration: 1 day

Written communication at work has changed dramatically over recent years, resulting in the use of various mediums such as emails and texts, and even Social Media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. This can be particularly evident when younger members of staff join an organisation.

Such communication (both paper and electronic) can have both benefits and disadvantages for the organisation. On the one hand it serves as a record or 'contract' between them and the receiver, internally or externally, and provides clarity on both sides. On the other hand, however, once written, the words cannot be changed, and it leaves a permanent image in the mind of the person receiving it. For these and many other reasons, business writing is extremely important and needs to be carefully thought about.

This Business Writing Skills workshop helps writers to think about, write and format their letter, emails and other written communication in a clear and courteous way, and includes the use of Plain English. As with all of our courses, Learning 2XL prefer to work closely with clients to ensure that their needs are understood, and we are therefore more than happy to adapt content to suit individual organisational needs and challenges.

Where possible, we also encourage the use of the actual organisational documentation that is being used by delegates to encourage best practise to be followed.


Subject Areas Covered

Effective written communications. Exploring why proper and appropriate written communication is so important for any organisation. A look at the recent changes in the workplace and the various different methods of communicating internally and externally. Examples of good and bad written communication, the impact upon the receiver and the (often unintended) consequences.

Planning and preparation. Which medium to choose and why, and being clear about the desired outcome of your communication.

Tone of communication. Matching this again the to desired outcomes including neutral, positive, unfavourable and persuasive styles of writing.

Structure. How to structure a written document that contains the right amount of information and is easy to read.

Appropriate content. Using Plain English and avoiding jargon, slang and over-complicating text. Includes useful phrases and words to assist in conveying a message. Considering the style of language to convey the facts, ideas and messages in a clear and courteous way.

Clear formatting. Spacing text so it fits neatly on to pages and looks attractive to the reader, the use of paragraphs and bullet points and what type of text is appropriate.

The 6'C's checklist: How to be clear, concise, courteous, constrictive, correct and complete.


What Next? Delegates are encouraged to discuss their own circumstances and challenges and capture what they have learned, whilst committing to practical change when they return to the workplace.

Learning 2XL are happy to follow up such training to assist in the monitoring of progress and results, and provide coaching for individuals where required.


Who Should Attend Business Writing Skills?

Anyone whose job requires them to create non-template written communication either internally or externally, and who wishes to improve their skills in this regard.


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