Team Building Workshop

For groups of people - at your premises or a location of your choice.


Course duration: 1 or 2 days

This is a team building workshop as opposed to a team building event, so there are no paintballing games, chocolate making or ultimate physical challenges!

A harmonious team will always produce the best results and we are often asked to provide a workshop that will foster increased levels of understanding, tolerance and cooperation, whilst making the learning interesting and fun. Teamwork can be defined as a co-operative effort by a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. Firstly this has to involve individual team members fully understanding what 'makes them tick' by examining their personal preferences and how this affects their behaviour towards others.

With this understanding in place, we then look at how individuals interact within a team and begin to explore the preferences and behaviours of others. The delegates may all have the same job role or have a wide variety of roles within the organisation, with a diverse skills set and varying levels of experience.

We use a number of interactive and engaging exercises and place particular emphasis on how to recognise different character types and interact with them accordingly to achieve the best results. Clarity4D is one such tool that is utilised, which uses colours to explain and define the principles of Character Type Recognition. Delegates will therefore be asked to complete an online questionnaire before attending, and a Clarity 4D Personal Profile will be issued to them which will be explored during the training. This fascinating insight in to human interaction has proved hugely popular with thousands of delegates and is often reported to be the best part of the course!

Groups who participate in our Team Building Workshop report a heightened level of understanding, improved communication and increased levels of trust when working with their colleagues.

The workshops can be adapted to suit specific requirements and can include the introduction of a new initiative or working practice. We would seek to work closely with clients to ensure that needs are met, and course duration will depend on content.

Below is some of the content that would typically be included:


Subject Areas Covered

Where are we now and where are we going? Aims and objectives are defined to make sure that expectations are aligned from the beginning. This is an opportunity to let delegates know what to expect, what not to expect and to put them at ease.

Influencing and interacting with others. To understand others better, we must first understand ourselves and the Clarity 4D Personal Profile provides an excellent insight. Delegates are introduced to the four Character Types and then learn their own type and preferences.This leads to an understanding and appreciation of the differences that exist between themselves and their colleagues.

Team roles are examined with a view to gaining a full understanding as why some people are simply better at certain types of tasks than others, and a Team Map is produced to provide an excellent perspective of an individuals position and influence within the team.

Negotiation Styles. Examining the difference between Passive, Passive-Aggressive, Aggressive and Assertive and how this is impacted upon by our own personal drives.

Transactional Analysis. Different ego states leading to the type of relationship we have with subordinates, colleagues and peers.

Assertiveness at work. This session looks at how we can build on self awareness and improve levels of confidence by recognising confidence robbers and boosters.

Communication Skills. Considering how we can modify our behaviour, often only slightly but usually to great effect when dealing with others. Using voice and body language to project the image we want to.


What Next? Time is allowed for group discussions and for individuals to have the opportunity to explain how they prefer to be communicated with.

This sessions often results in firm commitments to behavioural change being made after it becomes apparent to all concerned why certain frictions and issues arise in the workplace. Delegates are encouraged to capture these commitments and to decide how they will be implemented and accounted for.


Who Should Attend Team Building Workshop?

This workshop is designed to assist any group of individuals who want to work well together towards a common goal and reap the benefits of working in a great team.


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