Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Training

For groups of people at your premises or a location of your choice. Virtual training option also available

Course duration: Half day or whole day option available



There are significant benefits in promoting an equal, diverse and inclusive workforce including supporting and encouraging a positive working environment, and reducing organisational risk.

When training virtually it is especially important that delegates remain engaged at all times, and we adopt a delivery style to suit. There are also plenty of breaks throughout the training and we utilise breakout rooms on virtual platforms to encourage attendees to share knowledge and experiences.

Delegates are therefore involved throughout, slides kept to a minimum and emphasis placed upon workbooks as opposed to delegate packs.

For those with enquiring minds, we support this simple approach by offering a wealth of reading material sources and extra information which people can refer to should they wish to learn more.

The subject areas below would normally be included but will vary depending on the individual needs of the attendees and the organisation.



Subject Areas Covered 

 The definition of equality, diversity, inclusion and the differences between them.

 The benefits of having an equal, diverse, inclusive workforce and how this affects everyone in the organisation.

 The nine protected characteristics as defined by law under the Equality Act of 2010, and what these mean to us as individuals.

 The six types of discrimination: Direct, indirect, by association, by perception, harassment and victimisation.

 How to identify and avoid the six types of discrimination in our own behaviour including active/passive by standing and exploring inevitable unconscious bias. Examining best practice approaches, particularly in areas  such as recruitment.

 Identifying behaviours, language and attitudes that promote equal and inclusive working relationships.

 What to do when facing or witnessing unfair treatment at work. Particular emphasis upon ensuring that delegates are aware of the policy and procedures in place within their own organisation.

 Our individual responsibilities and the potential consequences of not complying with the regulations.


 What next? Delegates will be encouraged to identify any changes that need making upon return to the workplace, and to formulate a clear plan to ensure these are implemented.


Who Should Attend Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training?

Directors, managers and staff would all normally benefit from attending this course.


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