Powerful Presentations Training

For groups of people - at your premises or a location of your choice.


Course duration: 1 day

This engaging Powerful Presentations Training course has been designed to assist delegates improve both the preparation and structure of the presentations they deliver. An opportunity for delegates to present to the group in a safe and supportive environment forms an integral part of the course, and a wide variety of presentation styles can be observed as a result.

As a result of attending the workshop, delegates should feel that they have a better understanding of what it takes to deliver a successful presentation, and feel more confident when speaking in front of groups of people.


Subject Areas Covered

 The workshop includes the following, and can usually be adapted to suit your individual needs:

Common fears of public speaking. The reasons individuals are often so nervous when talking in front of others, the causes of these fears and a chance for delegates to express their own concerns.

Knowing your audience. The importance of understanding the audience needs and expectations and what they want to hear from you. How this determines the purpose and style of your presentation.

Communication Styles. Recognising your strengths and utilising them to best advantage.

Structuring the talk. Pitfalls to avoid when presenting, the 'power of three' and other frameworks. 'Intros' and 'Outros', 'signposting' and maintaining the attention of the audience.

Use of visual aids. Various methods of providing a presentation with depth and visual stimulus, includes the appropriate use of PowerPoint and more modern alternatives.

Communication Skills. Appearance, body language and eye contact. Verbal skills and techniques including the use of imagery and making contrasts. Dealing with interruptions, questions from the audience and difficult people.

Presentation delivery. Delegates who are happy to participate will be provided with a topic for which to prepare small introductions and presentations to the group. Constructive and supportive feedback will then be provided and learning points examined.


What next? Delegates will be encouraged to capture what they have learned and consider how they will apply this to the next time they present to a group.


Who Should Attend Powerful Presentations Training?

Any individuals or groups within an organisation that are involved, or about to be involved in delivering a presentation to others. It doesn't matter about the levels of experience or how often delegates will present as we will adapt the course content and pitch it according to our audience.


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