Train The Trainer

For groups of people - at your premises or a location of your choice.


Course duration: 1 day

This practical course will help delegates to make an effective contribution to the training of others in a one to one or group situation.

The Train The Trainer course has been designed to be highly interactive, stimulating and engaging. It will provide trainers with the basic techniques and knowledge to confidently design, deliver and manage the learning process, resulting in successful training events.

We always seek to fully understand our customers individual circumstances and requirements so we can adapt and modify the content accordingly.


Subject Areas Covered

Assessing training needs. How to identify factors involved in the learning process and be aware of your own style.

Effective preparation. The correct use of supporting materials such as trainers notes and visual aids such as PowerPoint or similar. Ensuring that the meeting room, layout, refreshments, lighting and temperature are all conducive to an effective training event. 

Structuring the training. How to plan and design the training sessions to ensure that training is interesting and the delegates are engaged throughout, bearing in mind individual learning styles.

Training techniques. The best ways of managing activities and the training in general, and the benefits and problems with training techniques for groups and individuals. Understanding group dynamics and how to avoid common pitfalls when delivering training. Includes exploring the use of various techniques and tools to ensure delegates participate.

We can also cover how a trainer can look, sound and come across to delegates; for instance what is appropriate to wear according to your audience.

The importance of avoiding simple dissemination of information and how not to lose their audience with too much detail and the inevitable 'Death by Powerpoint. Placing the needs of delegates first and how to focus attention on their abilities and engagement rather than their own 'performance.'

Managing the learning. Setting the scene, putting delegates at ease and creating a good learning environment. How adults learn, different learning styles, understanding Character Type and how to challenge and fairly deal with difficult or resistant delegates with confidence. How to give constructive feedback based on your observations, and debriefing techniques to assist with this.


What Next? Discussing and capturing what has been learnt and transferring this to the workplace.


Who Should Attend Train The Trainer?

Any member of a team that is required to train others in the work place, either individually or in groups.


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Tailor this course

Wonderful course, really geared to what we needed as a business rather than being too generic. Thank you!!

Advanced Waste Solutions

Loved this course - really opened my eyes as to what we don't do very well and gave us really useful ideas to use straight away.

Advanced Waste Solutions

Looking for someting more bespoke?

Course content quite often needs to be modified and adapted to ensure that it is relevant and suitable according to your circumstances, we welcome this and have a wealth of experience designing training and coaching to meet our customer's individual needs.