Effective Team Meetings Training

For groups of people - at your premises or a location of your choice.


Course duration: 1 day

There are a number of common problems with team meetings such as certain individuals talking too much whilst others decline to contribute anything meaningful, people rambling and going off of topic, nothing actually being decided and meetings overrunning to the point where people start to lose interest........do any of those issues sound familiar?

This Effective Team Meetings Training course is designed to help a meeting leader to organise effective team meetings well and lead with confidence so that the best outcomes can be achieved in the shortest time. The content has been designed to be highly interactive, and activities are introduced to allow delegates the opportunity to practice and refine their skills in a safe environment whilst learning from each other.

Below is an example of suggested content for the an effective team meetings course; however, we are often asked by clients to amend content to suit the specific and individual needs of the organisation we are working with, and are more than happy to do so.


Subject Areas Covered

What makes a team meeting effective? Different types of team meetings and their benefits plus identifying the purpose and required outcomes, and therefore what needs to be achieved as a result. A look at the common pitfalls, the reasons for them and how they can be avoided. Different approaches to one to one meetings/supervisions and team meetings, and the most effective methods of following up on actions and outcomes.

Planning and preparation. Looking at the structure of team meetings and assigning roles and contribution to content from individuals as appropriate. Then importance of being clear as to what is expected of attendees before they arrive, and how to achieve this. Setting out the 'ground rules' clearly to all concerned and gaining agreement from attendees.

Virtual meetings. An introduction to some of the technology that is available and circumstances where virtual meeting are preferable to the more traditional approach.

Using a 'Chair's Agenda'. A session discussing the importance of using an agendas to effectively control a meeting and keep within the allotted time. Building confidence from structuring and guiding proceedings utilising this valuable tool. Includes additional  tips and hints for shortening meeting time and avoiding over-run.

Note taking. How to choose and allocate a note taker and why you should not not attempt to do this whilst running a meeting yourself. Working closely with the note taker and being clear about what and how information needs to be recorded.

Diplomacy and assertiveness in the right measure. Varying your chairing style to suit the needs of the meeting, agreeing boundaries and etiquette and controlling events without domineering. Examining group behaviours and 'reading the room' plus practical methods of dealing with difficult situations.

Practice Sessions. An opportunity to develop skills and explore what has been learned in a safe and supportive environment. This session is designed to encourage only delegates who wish to to take an active part, and is facilitated in a light-hearted and enjoyable manner. Delegates often report this part of the workshop as being one of the most enlightening and beneficial.


What next? Summarising what has been learnt throughout the day and how this can be applied in the workplace. This also allows delegates to discuss some of their individual circumstances and challenges if they wish to do so.


Who Should Attend Effective Team Meetings Training?

Any member of staff or management team that is responsible for delivering effective team meetings.


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