Minute Taking Training

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Course Duration: 1 day

Most meetings these days are held informally, with possibly a regular 'chair', but no formal roles.Taking the minutes, or 'notes' as they are often called, is often considered as an easy job that can be done by anyone present, regardless of if they have any training, or if they understand the content and background of the topics under discussion.

This often results in high anxiety for the note-taker, as he/she attempts to get everything they should written down, and then spend hours trying to work out how to reduce it to a coherent readable record.

This Minute Taking course is designed to help the note-taker both prevent and deal with these challenges, and produce a concise and action-orientated record of a meeting in a time-efficient way. Delegates are also provided with an opportunity to participate in a hands-on session where individuals have the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned during the day whilst observing and learning from others.


Subject Areas Covered

Overview of common practice. The importance of understanding what the minutes are going to be used, the corresponding choice between formal and informal styles, and defining the duties and skills required of the note taker.

Preparation for the meeting. Working closely with the Chairperson on the agenda and developing the skills to produce appropriate structure and format of minutes that meet your mutual satisfaction. How the venue affects the effectiveness of the meeting and some practical hints and tips in this regard.

Tackling some common challenges. How to foster a productive working relationship with the chairperson, and developing effective listening skills and a variety of techniques for minute taking. understanding the jargon of formal meetings and keeping track of the meeting whilst taking notes. Crystallising information and ensuring that minutes are not too wordy, easy to read and the salient points readily understood by all concerned. 

Difficult meetings. Taking notes in strained circumstances and coping with anger and arguments in an assertive manner.

Recording of notes. Understanding the various purposes of note and minute taking, and therefore know what are the essential facts to record. Looking at any current formats and deciding if they can be improved in layout and style. 

Practise sessions. An opportunity to practise skills and observe others in this interactive and engaging session. Delegates often report this part of the day as being one of the most useful.


What Next. Delegates are encouraged to complete a check list for action and consider planning to improve future minute taking opportunities.


Who Should Attend Minute Taking?

Anyone who has to take minutes or notes when attending meetings.


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