Dignity at Work Training

For groups of people - at your premises or a location of your choice. Virtual training option also available.


Course duration: 1 day

Everyone in our modern society has the right to be treated with dignity and respect at work. Unfortunately it is not always something that we can take for granted, and the reality is that many people encounter negative behaviours such as harassment and bullying that undermine their dignity at work. Left unchecked these behaviours can erode people's morale, confidence and commitment and have a serious impact upon performance.

This training is often requested because there has been an incident or complaints have been made, and this obviously needs to be addressed. Many organisations therefore request that a single individual is placed on an open course but we recommend that consideration is given to the training being 'opened up' to a wider audience within the organisation. This will prevent any feelings of being singled out and blamed, when in fact the dynamics between colleagues and between management and staff could well be having an impact upon behaviours.

We always prefer to work closely with our customers so we can understand specific challenges and organisational requirements, and below are therefore example of examples of standard course content that can be modified and adapted to suit. 


Subject Areas Covered

Defining dignity at work. What this means to individuals and teams and various different forms of negative behaviours including harassment and bullying. Includes the clear differences between such behaviours and a robust management style or harmless office banter. Recognising the signs of inappropriate behaviour and conduct within teams.

Legal overview. A brief introduction to the law that covers this topic and approaching some common misconceptions that many people hold.

Organisational values. Being aware of the culture and values that are embedded within the organisation they are working for, what this means in the work-place, and why this is so important for the organisation and for the staff.

Understanding others better. Delegates are often asked to complete a Clarity 4D Online Questionnaire which will then produce an individual report on Character Type.This report will then be used on the day to help provide valuable insights in to our own preferred behaviours and that of others. This in turn often helps people understand why individuals they interact with can react in completely different ways to the same comments, requests or situations.

Taking action. Challenging inappropriate behaviour within the context of your organisation, whilst defining and encouraging assertive staff interaction using the behaviour spectrum. Developing the skills and confidence to challenge appropriately. The impact of social media and how and why some language and behaviours previously deemed acceptable, is now generally not considered to be the case. Tips and techniques for promoting Dignity at Work - both at an individual and team level.


What Next. Delegates will be encouraged to share their own circumstances if they so wish to, and to capture how they will promote the development of a work-place that treats everyone with respect.


Who Should Attend Dignity at Work Training?

This Dignity at Work Training course is designed for supervisors, managers and staff to help them identify behaviour that may be construed as bullying and/or harassment, avoid it within their teams and identify, challenge and deal with it appropriately should it arise.


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The training was fantastic, it was engaging and informative, the break out sessions were thought provoking and the trainer presented in a way that was not patronizing. We have had some great feedback on the session and I would certainly book it again should we need to or recommend it to others. Phyllis Court, Private Members Club, Henley

Phyllis Court

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Course content quite often needs to be modified and adapted to ensure that it is relevant and suitable according to your circumstances, we welcome this and have a wealth of experience designing training and coaching to meet our customer's individual needs.