Handling Difficult People Workshop

For groups of people - at your premises or a location of your choice.


Course duration: 1 day

This is a course which we find may be requested by clients for a number of reasons, as difficult people can be found in various walks of life. For example, some members of staff find it hard to communicate with other team members or their manager, and staff in customer service or sales role may also find themselves having to deal with particularly challenging customers.

This Handling Difficult People workshop aims to provide delegates with the skills and confidence to react calmly and positively during conversations that have with people that they find difficult. The day will help individuals to understand the causes of behaviour that they find challenging, and provide them with a chance to practise the basic tools, deal with and diffuse the situation.

All delegates will be asked to complete a Clarity 4D Personal Profile by completing an online questionnaire before attending the course. These Personal Profiles will then be used on the day to provide delegates with valuable insights in to their own preferred behaviour and that of others.

This in turn can then be used to explain why people behave in certain ways, and how to modify our own behaviour, often only slightly, but often to great effect.


Subject Areas Covered

Difficult - who, me? An opening session taking a light-hearted look at what defines being 'difficult', and how this view is purely subjective.

Understanding yourself and others. Character Type Recognition utilising the Clarity 4D Profiles that were previously completed. This session provides a fascinating insight in to 'Preferred Behaviour' and is an excellent tool to use when adapting and connecting with others.

Negotiation Styles. Examining the difference between Passive, Passive-Aggressive, Aggressive and Assertive and how this is impacted upon by our own personal drives.

Transactional Analysis. Different ego states leading to the type of relationship we have with subordinates, colleagues and peers.

Assertiveness at work. This session looks at how we can build on self awareness and improve levels of confidence by recognising robbers and boosters.

Body Language. A highly popular session highlighting body language and decoding various hidden clues. How to generate confidence through body language and what to avoid if you want to get the most from people.

Using your voice. How to effectively verbally communicate and project confidence and authority, even if you are feeling unsure.


What Next? All delegates are encouraged to discuss what they have learned, discuss how this could be applied back in the workplace, and commit to positive behavioural change.


Who Should Attend Handling Difficult People Workshop?

Anyone who wants to embrace the challenge of dealing effectively with difficult people, and to enjoy the benefits of being more confident in doing so.


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