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 Ten Steps to Innovation

Ten Steps to Innovation

A one-day training course in Innovation and Creativity           

Any organisation can be more innovative – you don’t have to employ a James Dyson or a Steve Jobs.

This one-day training offers a range of ideas that can be used by any team in any company.To get a feel for what this course covers, see our Free Management Tip:Ten Steps to Team Innovation


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Generating the Spark

  • A space to think – create a work environment that boosts innovative thinking
  • Play – exploring and prototyping
  • One and one makes three – creating unusual combinations that spark innovative hybrids
  • Be a people watcher – ask, watch, learn and try

Connecting Up 

  • Me + you – valuing the team more than the individual and turning opposition into a positive force
  • Create a remarkable customer experience – help your customers feel how good your product/service is
  • True myths – make heroes out of real people and build a new culture
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  • ‘I’d do anything…’  - think one customer at a time and take care of each one the best you can
  • Let those who can, do..- hatching out the ideas and getting them up and running
  • Beyond adversity to opportunity – working cleverly outside the system to do more with less

Who should attend

Managers and team members who want to work at the cutting edge of their sector

For more info phone 07514 031549 or complete booking form