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 Step Up Programme

Step Up Programme

A two-part skills development programme for First Job Employees or Returners to Work

New entrants to the workplace, such as graduates and school leavers, or returners to work after long illness, unemployment or childcare, can find it a shock to the system - so much to learn, so many new people, seemingly conflicting demands and priorities, customers with high expectations, and more! This two part programme aims to help them fast-track through the anxious process of settling in, understanding what is required, and learning to give good value to their employer. 

Step Up 1 - One day workshop

How to ‘step up’ to the new challenge of a real job!

  • Know what’s expected and commit fully to your job: Targets and standards,
  • Don’t stop learning – be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, work at continual improvement, see work as an opportunity for personal and professional growth
  • Add value as a colleague and team member - how to work well with the team, how to manage your own morale, how to develop good professional communication with others at work

Step Up 2 - One day workshop

How to ‘step up’ to promotion!

  • Be a ‘quick change artist’ – work fast and accept change as the norm, learn to live with uncertainty, take nothing for granted
  • Behave as if you’re in business for yourself – be responsible for outcomes, take the initiative, fix it – don’t moan about it, offer excellent customer service
  • Career boosting skills – presentation skills, time management

Who should attend

Anyone who needs support in coping with the pressures of a new job

For more info phone 07514 031549 or complete booking form