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Minute-Taking Training Course       

One day course       


Most meetings these days are held informally, with possibly a regular ‘chair’, but no other formal roles.  Taking the minutes, or ‘notes’ as they are usually called, is often considered as an easy job, that can be done by anyone present, whether or not they have any training, or even whether they understand the content and background of the topics under discussion! 

This often results in high anxiety for the note-taker, as he/she attempts to get it all down, and then spends hours trying to work out how to reduce it to a coherent readable record.  This course is designed to help the note-taker prevent these problems and to produce a concise and action-orientated record of a meeting in a time-efficient way.

What you will learn on the course: 

  • How to develop effective listening skills
  • How to produce an appropriate structure and format of minutes
  • A variety of techniques for note and minute taking
  • The various purposes of note and minute taking, and therefore know what are the essential facts to record
  • How to foster a productive working relationship with the chairperson


Who should attend

 Clerical and administrative staff who have not had experience in keeping records at meetings or those who wish to improve their skills in this area.


For more info phone 07514 031549 or complete booking form

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