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Negotiating and Influencing Skills

Negotiating and Influencing Skills Training Course

 One Day Training Course       



The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word ‘negotiate’ as: ‘to try and reach an agreement or compromise by discussion’ and’ influence’ as: ‘the power or ability to affect someone’s beliefs or actions’

Managers and salespeople, nowadays, need highly developed negotiating skills, in order to achieve more in a shorter time or with fewer resources.  This negotiating and influencing course has been designed to enable participants to develop their skills in order to achieve better performance and sustainable, good quality working relationships.


What you will learn

  • Definition of negotiating
  • The right attitude and skills for effective negotiating
  • The negotiating process
  • Identifying and using techniques for influencing
  • The preparation
  • The discussion
  • The proposal
  • Personal development
  • Action plans

Who should attend

This course is not only, or specifically, about sales negotiations, it will cover all negotiations leading to an agreement, therefore would help anyone who feels they need to negotiate to achieve a work agreement with another person.


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