Action Learning Sets Training

For groups of people - at your premises or a location of your choice.


Course duration: 1 or 2 days



Action Learning sets are groups of managers that meet regularly to seek each other’s help in taking action on a range of management problems. The facilitated ‘sets’ draw on the commitment, support and advice of its members, all of whom are wrestling with similar issues and concerns.

Action Learning is a powerful yet low-cost way of sharing learning either within an organisation or between organisations, and will enhance team learning and collaboration whilst developing problem solving and decision making ability. This training day covers the benefits of Action Learning, and assists delegates develop the skills to set up and facilitate a ‘set’.

We always prefer to work closely with our clients to ensure we understand your circumstances and needs, and we can adapt and amend course content accordingly. The length of the course will depend on a number of factors such as if you would like us to follow-up the initial training at a later date, and monitor and assess the progress that has been made so far.


Subject Areas Coverered

What is Action Learning? An opening session introducing the principle of Action Learning, providing some examples of how and where it can be best applied and the benefits of this approach to both individuals and organisations.

Structuring sets.  How to organise structure an Action Learning (AL) Set according to the desired outcomes and circumstances, and get it up and running

Set facilitation. Understanding the principles of facilitating including fostering an environment in which thoughts and ideas are shared by all, and that everyone has the opportunity to be heard. Delegate will take part in an action learning ‘set’ simulation, allowing them to  practice the role and practical assistance with facilitation techniques will be provided.

Learning styles. A session where we examine delegate's own preferred behaviour and how this will affect the way in which they facilitate a set. Some common pitfalls are introduced and the potential learning and communication styles of set members will also be explored.


What next? Delegates should feel confident and motivated to go back to the workplace and start  an Action Learning Set after attending the course. An opportunity will be provided for concerns and individual circumstances to be discussed, and everyone will be encouraged to capture what they have learned and commit to putting this in to action. 


Who should attend Action Learning Set Training?

Anyone who interested in utilising this approach to aid individual and organisational learning, and to grow as a facilitator themselves. The course is practical, experiential and relevant to anyone who wants to develop managerial, leadership, interpersonal or technical skills.


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Tailor this course

The most useful aspect of the course for me was the ‘line of expectation’- I will use this and encourage others to.

Jenny Naylor, Effective Leadership

The trainer facilitated the course very well keeping us interested and imparting good advice and suggestions.  We all learnt from the course and cannot wait to start using the new skills.

Team Manager, Winchester

Looking for someting more bespoke?

Course content quite often needs to be modified and adapted to ensure that it is relevant and suitable according to your circumstances, we welcome this and have a wealth of experience designing training and coaching to meet our customer's individual needs.