Absence Management and Return to Work Interviews Training

For groups of people - at your premises or a location of your choice.


Course duration: 1 day

Staff absenteeism can impact on the success of an organisation in a number of ways including the cost of temporary staff cover, reduced levels of customer service (internally and externally), and the negative effect on those who have to pick up the extra workload.

If absence becomes regular, or recurring illnesses means that an individual is not performing as well as expected, the challenge for any manager is to know how to best deal with the situation.

This Absence Management and Return to Work Interviews Training workshop assists managers to look at the causes and patterns of absence, and helps them decide what actions they can take to support those members of the team who have genuine need. It also provides practical assistance for managers who seek to challenge and assertively deal with members of staff who may be abusing the system and the goodwill of others.

We would seek to work closely with organisations and provide training in-line with their own specific policies where appropriate.


Subject Areas Covered

Causes and costs. Defining absenteeism, some common causes and how absent staff can affect productivity in terms of time, money and staff morale.

Identifying patterns. How to monitor staff attendance and what to look to highlight patterns of short-term absence.

Absence Policy. The benefits of an absence policy and early intervention, plus the key skills of consistency, communication and fairness. Recognising long-term absence and disability issues.

The legal landscape. A brief introduction to the law regarding maternity, disability and discrimination.

Return to work interviews. How to prepare, plan and conduct the interview and agree further action with the staff member. Includes looking at Statements for Fitness to Work.


What Next? Other initiatives to assist in reducing employee absence are explored. Delegates are encouraged to share what they have learned, capture these points, and consider how they will integrate this in the workplace.


Who Should Attend Absence Management and Return to Work Interviews Training?

Managers and Supervisors who have responsibility for managing absence within any organisation.


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