Difficult Conversations for Managers Course

For groups of people - at your premises or a location of your choice.


Course duration: 1 day

Difficult conversations are important to have with staff when needed because unsatisfactory performance from individuals can have a far reaching impact upon an organisation and their customers or service users, as well as the manager, the team and the individual concerned.

This should not be left unchallenged and unresolved, yet many managers find it difficult to address issues and instead adopt an approach of hoping that the problem will resolve itself. This proves rarely to be the case.

This Difficult Conversations for Managers one-day workshop seeks to provide delegates with the skills and understanding to react calmly and positively in conversations with people that they find difficult.

All delegates will be asked to complete a Clarity4D Personal Profile by completing an online questionnaire before attending the course.

These Personal Profiles will then be used on the day to provide delegates with valuable insights in to their own preferred behaviour and that of others. This in turn can then  be used to explain why people behave in certain ways, and how to modify our own behaviour, often only slightly, but often to great effect.


Subject Areas Covered

Understanding yourself and others. Character Type Recognition utilising Clarity 4D profiles that were previously completed. This session provides a fascinating insight in to 'Preferred Behaviour' and is an excellent tool to use when adapting and connecting with others.

Transactional Analysis. Different ego states leading to the type of relationship we have with subordinates, colleagues and peers.

Assertiveness at work. This session looks at how we can build on self awareness and improve levels of confidence by recognising robbers and boosters.

Difficult conversations. Using a coaching model and how to prepare for conversations designed to address performance issues. A brief introduction to the law surrounding such issues, and the differences between a difficult conversations and a disciplinary meeting.

Working with the individual to identify underlying causes and agree a solution. Planning and implementing a performance improvement plan.

Performance strategies. Case studies of managing poorly performing staff, monitoring progress and providing effective feedback.


What Next. Delegates will be encouraged to share their own experiences if they wish to, and to capture how they will implement what they have learned upon return to the workplace.


Who Should Attend Difficult Conversations with ManagersCourse?

Managers at all levels who would benefit from effectively communicating with their staff with a view to improving performance.


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