Advanced Management Training

For the more experienced manager who wants to take their understanding of how individuals and teams perform to the next level.


Course Duration: 2 Days

Teams are an ever-changing dynamic, subject to rapid change in their membership, their function, their management and their place in the organisation. Yet teams are still only groups of human beings, with different skills, personalities and feelings.

Our Advanced Management Training course has been designed to be highly interactive, engaging and stimulating. It encourages delegates to consider ways of fostering teamwork through understanding of what motivates others, and to be aware of the type of team that will be formed by their management style.

All delegates will be asked to complete a Clarity 4D Personal Profile by completing an online questionnaire before attending the course. These Personal Profiles will then be used on the day to provide valuable insights in to what motivates individuals and how this affects team dynamics.


Subject Areas Covered

What is a good team? Defining your mission or purpose -what are we aiming for? What are our authority or boundary conditions and parameters?

What motivates people at work? The common motivation factors that cause individuals satisfaction and dissatisfaction in the workplace.

Measuring staff engagement. Staff Engagement Surveys and other methods of calculating, tracking and monitoring staff opinion and satisfaction.

Understanding yourself and others. Character Type recognition utilising the Clarity 4D Profiles that were previously completed. This session provides a fascinating insight in to 'Preferred Behaviour' and is an excellent tool to use when adapting and connecting with others.

Management Styles. This pivotal session looks at management and negotiation styles, whilst assessing branch and company ethos. Concludes with the resulting impact different styles will have upon Staff Engagement and Retention.

Transactional Analysis. Covering the way in which staff are both communicated with and motivated by management.

Managing Performance. Assessing your team member's needs and a step by step guide to managing performance. Includes how to manage those 'difficult conversations' that need to be had to ensure that staff remain focused and motivated.

Creating advancement opportunities. How to ensure that key staff remain loyal by feeling that their career is on a trajectory to meet their aspirations. Includes succession planning to meet future challenges in a changing environment.

Appraisals. Ensuring that this invaluable tool is used properly to provide the most benefit to all concerned.


What next? Delegates are encouraged to consider what steps could be taken to improve levels of Staff Engagement, and therefore improve Staff Retention within your organisation and according to their individual needs.


Who should attend Advanced Management Training?

Managers and Team Leaders, both newly appointed and those with more experience that are looking to build upon their management success to date.


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Very much enjoyed the training, and particularly learned a lot about how to deal with difficult members of staff outside my comfort zone.

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Course content quite often needs to be modified and adapted to ensure that it is relevant and suitable according to your circumstances, we welcome this and have a wealth of experience designing training and coaching to meet our customer's individual needs.