Transformational Leadership Training

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Course duration: 1 day

In a search for an understanding of the qualities possessed by extraordinary leaders, two Americans, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner interviewed over 60,000 leaders and team members.From this they distilled the five key attributes that enabled these leaders to achieve amazing results in a wide range of situations.

Their work, detailed in a book "The Leadership Challenge" has been tested by extensive research in the UK and found to be held true both here and in Europe.The five key characteristics identified by this work have become known as the Transformational Leadership model because such leaders can transform their teams commitment to the organisation, their expectations and abilities, and their willingness to take risks.

Our Transformational Leadership training workshop encourages delegates to find these characteristics within themselves, and to develop practical ways to incorporate them in to their own particular management style.

We often find that particularly progressive organisations are interested in this course, and that they may have unique challenges or tasks in mind.To this end we would seek to work closely with clients to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the required outcomes, and tailor the content according to organisational needs.

Subject Areas Covered

Why Transformational Leadership? Exploring the modern workplace and what drives staff performance. Staff Engagement and the differing expectations of 'Generation X, Y and Z'. An opportunity for all delegates to express their individual challenges and what they hope to gain from the course.

The five key characteristics of Transformational Leadership. An introduction to challenging the status quo, inspiring a shared vision, enabling others to act, modelling the way and encouraging the heart.

Personal qualities and strengths. A session in which delegates are encouraged to consider their leadership style, understand their Character Type and preferred behaviour and therefore of others. Considering to what extent delegates already possess and harness the five characteristics of Transformational Leadership.

Utilising Transformational Leadership. Developing practical ideas on how to use and develop strength in these attributes according to the specific needs of delegates.

A number of tools may be used in this session according to the needs of individuals and the organisation. These may include the use of coaching models, communication skills and managing change for example.


What Next. Delegates will be encouraged to share their own experiences if they wish to, and to capture how they will implement what they have learned upon return to the workplace.


Who Should Attend Transformational Leadership Training?

Experienced and ambitious managers who want to develop their impact and influence upon an organisational structure.


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