Values Based Recruitment

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Course duration: 1 or 2 days. Dependent upon the organisational needs and required outcomes of our clients, please also see 'Who Should Attend?'

The key to any successful team is to have the right people in the right jobs, and this applies for new recruits and for potential transfers from within the organisation. 

With individuals increasingly improving interview techniques, how can the manager recognise the best candidate from well-rehearsed interviewees who look and sound plausible? 

When making the move towards values-based recruitment your teams must understand how to recruit having considered a candidates attitude as well as their skills. 

These workshops examine the various stages of the recruitment process, and harness your organisational values to ensure that the correct choice is made. The subject areas below will vary depending on course duration and the individual needs of the organisation. 


Subject Areas Covered 

Defining Values Based Recruitment. Gaining an understanding of what values-based recruitment is and the purpose it serves in the modern workplace.  

Why recruitment is essential to team performance. We examine the importance of making the right recruitment decisions, and ensuring that the whole team align and focus upon effective delivery.

Recruiting within the legal framework. Understanding the main elements of the law relating to fair employment, with some common pitfalls to avoid. Includes a fascinating insight into unconscious bias. 

Job Specifications and Selection Criteria. We explore some of the selection methods available, and decide how to choose the one that is most appropriate according to the vacancy. 

Short listing. This is an area of real concern to many, and we look at how to apply clear principles when reducing the number of applications to a short list that is consistent and accountable. 

Psychometrics and ability testing. The benefits of utilising these powerful tools, how to get the most from them, and deciding when it is appropriate to use them. 

Interview Skills. This popular part of the workshop covers the best ways to put candidates at ease, how to recognise verbal and non-verbal responses and the use of well-structured probing questions. 

Making the right choice.  We study the decision-making process, again referring to the importance of understanding unconscious bias, and include how to request and use references effectively. 


Who should attend our Values Based Recruitment course?

The one-day programme. Designed for managers with a good basic experience of recruiting who need to become familiar with current best practice and the law relating to recruitment. Delegates will also develop intelligent probing questions to test a candidate’s skills, knowledge and experience effectively.

The two-day programme. Designed for managers who have minimal experience of recruiting and require a more in-depth learning experience.

This workshop is practical in nature and utilises examples of recruitment documentation and legal requirements to apply to vacancy scenarios. This allows the delegate to gain valuable hands-on experience and an opportunity to practice their skills.

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