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Managing Absence at Work

Managing Absence at Work

One Day Training Course


Staff absenteeism can impact on the success of your organisation in many ways.  Think of the cost of temporary staff cover, reduced service to the customer, and the negative effect on those who have to pick up the extra work.  We all have a life outside the workplace, but what happens when workplace absence becomes regular, or recurring illness means that an individual is performing below par?  This workshop helps managers to look at the causes and patterns of absence and know what actions they can take to support those members of their teams in genuine need whilst confronting those who seek to abuse the system.

Aimed at Supervisors, Line Managers and any one who wants to reduce staff absenteeism.

What you will learn

By the end of the training workshop you will;

  • Be clear about how absent staff can affect productivity in terms of time, money and morale
  • Know how to monitor staff attendance and what to look for
  • Know what actions you can take
  • Be confident in conducting return-to-work interviews
  • Be aware of long term absence and disability issues
  • Have knowledge of some other initiatives that can help reduce employee absence

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