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Appraisal and development

Better Appraisal and Performance Development Interviews 

Half-day or One day Training Course    


How do you make the most of this opportunity to really understand your employee’s motivationand view of their work; to make sure that they really focus on what’s important in the coming months; to give them real feedback that empowers them, not undermining their confidence; and to build a better relationship? Unlock the secrets to building a more productive working relationships with your staff and watch your team's performance soar!

What you will learn:

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand why appraisals are such a good opportunity to improve performance and how not to waste it.
  • Have a clear framework for discussing objectives, examining performance and planning development
  • Find the right words to use that encourage commitment and motivation without skirting the issues
  • Understand how to conduct an appraisal which strengthens the working relationship and raises commitment to change and improved performance.
  • Know how to give positive and constructive feedback without losing goodwill

N.B. The use of organisation’s appraisal system can be incorporated into this workshop.

Who should attend

This is a must-do training course for anyone who has to conduct a performance review or appraisal or any small business owner who wants to improve productivity and increase staff motivation.       

Experienced at Appraisals but needing to update and refresh your skills?  Then our half-day 'Beyond the Paperwork' training workshop may be just the thing.

For more info phone 07514 031549 or complete booking form

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