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Technical Services Team - Training Programme

Technical Services Team - Training Programme

Working with one of the world's largest supplier of research biochemical and organic chemicals. Where every day more than one million customers around the globe count on quality products delivered on time and as promised.

The Service and Support operations of this Life Science and High Technology company for the UK are based in Dorset. The team of scientist have experience in all areas of research including Life Science, Material Science, Chemical Synthesis, Chromatography, Analytical and many others.

The programme aims of the programme

  • Understanding of and contributed to a call structure with suits both the needs of the Technical team and the caller
  • Increased confidence and aptitude in own practise for identifying caller needs, responding with a structured approach which informs and satisfies the caller needs
  • Taken part in individual and small group activities which reflect working practise and develop strategies for effective call servicing

The approach agreed with the key personnel driving the programme forward was for Learning 2XL to attend a familiarisation day, followed by 2 team briefing allowing the Technical Team members access to the programme aims up front and add their input to the programme content.

The various elements of the programme gave the team the opportunity to share best practice, reflect and participate in:

  • Positive language and attitude

  • Listening skills

  • Structure for inmcoming calls

  • Communication styles

  • Questioning techniques

  • Difficult call situations

The outcomes achieved by the programme were

  • To establish an agreed structure for call monitoring across the Technical Services team and in line with others divisions of the company
  • To structure a front line service module for incoming calls requiring initial response
  • To identify key targets for individuals as part of their Professional Development Programme

Some comments from participating team members...

"Feedback from role plays (as well as feedback during the live telephone calls on previous occasion) very useful."

"Activities were very good at considering telephone calls from different angles."

"Good balance of discussion and activities. Fun yet informative."

"I really enjoyed the exercises and structure. Good mis of talk and activities."

"Nice style and mix of techniques - training and discussion"

"Very good group participation activities".