"It's a minefield......"

Oct 24, 2019

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“It’s a minefield, you can’t seem to say anything these days without people making a meal out of it!”

This is the sort of comment that is commonly heard in workplaces across the country as high profile cases of bullying, harassment or discrimination take centre stage. But in fact the law regarding behaviors in the workplace is really quite simple.

There are so many common misconceptions surrounding what can and can’t be said at work that it is little wonder that staff feel unsure. This can lead to a general fear of saying something wrong and it really helps to understand the differences between harassment and bullying on one hand, and good performance management or office banter in the other.

Dignity at Work courses can be of huge benefit to any team, where  the delegates are lead through an overview of the relevant legislation and learn how to identify and challenge inappropriate behavior through a series of practical activities.

It’s great to sense the relief of many of the delegates when it becomes clear to them what is and isn’t acceptable at work. As they start to gain a proper understanding of why what is said and how it’s said is so important, it all becomes clear and actually rather simple!

This topic is on the ‘to do’ list for many HR Manager’s.....for more information please click here.


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"The training was fantastic, it was engaging and informative, the break out sessions were thought provoking and the trainer presented in a way that was not patronizing. We have had some great feedback on the session and I would certainly book it again should we need to or recommend it to others."

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"It's a minefield......"