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Ahmad tea case study

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Ahmad Tea Graduate Management Development Programme

International tea company Ahmad Tea have high expectations of their staff. They like to recruit graduates to their manager positions and this has obviously been an excellent strategy as their teas now sell in more than seventy countries, spanning across five continents. Managing Director Ebraham Afshar was seeking a fast track management development programme to underpin the talent of 12 managers based at their offices in Eastleigh, Hampshire. So successful was this initial programme that this has now been rolled out to their managers in their Moscow factory and to the Production Managers at Eastleigh.

In particular he was looking for training to help with:

  • Better co-ordination of activities and time management
  • Effective delegation skills and techniques
  • Effective communications taking place both within and across teams
  • Developing the skills of team members to use systems and processes
  • Identifying areas for improvements and seeking viable solutions
  • Organisational learning to contribute to achieving sales targets

The content of the programme was grouped into 3 modules:

Module 1 - Managing Self (2 days)
Module 2 - Building Rewarding Relationships (3 days)
Module 3 - Managing Strategically (2 days)

There were also two facilitated Action Learning Sets to which delegates were invited to bring 'live' management issues to a group of 5-6 colleagues who offered their advice and support.

Delegates were asked to complete an assignment after each workshop in order to apply their learning in a practical way. As the programme is now endorsed by the ILM some delegates chose to register for the ILM certification and student membership.

Some comments from the delegates:

"I found it very useful, insightful and thought-provoking" Export Team Manager

"I've been on many courses in previous roles but this is the one that has stimulated me the most" Production Team Manager

"Informal communications are now so much better and some simple systems solved so many problems"

"Conversations which had been stressful over a number of years have now been re-phrased so that I can get my point of view across and also my ideas."