Sales Training for Representatives

For groups of people - at your premises or a location of your choice.


Course duration: 2-4 days depending on customer requirements

This in depth Sales Training for Representatives course will enhance the expertise used by existing sales representatives and provide new concepts and techniques to make the most of their sales visits. It has been designed to be engaging and interactive and will explore the fundamental skills that are essential in the modern sales environment. This includes how to be sure that the majority of sales meetings  are successful, building rapport and how to engage the customer in product lines and services.

We would seek to work closely with any organisation considering Sales Training for Representatives, to ensure that we make this workshop as relevant as possible and fully reflect the needs of the business. Typically many of the following topics would be included: 


Subject Areas Covered


The role of the Sales representative. An initial session confirming what is required of a Sales Representative. Depending upon sector and organisation, this often includes the importance of gaining new business and avoiding the trap of turning in to an accounts manager who embarks on a weekly 'milk-round'.

The Relationship Cycle. The journey that a Sales representative will take with a customer from first meeting, finding common ground, how to build rapport all the way to the advocacy stage. 

Character Type Recognition. All delegates will be asked to complete a Clarity 4D Personal Profile by completing an online questionnaire before attending the course. These Personal Profiles will then be used on the day to provide valuable insights in to their own individual selling style and 'preferred behaviours'. This in turn leads on to understanding others better, including customers, and how to modify their own behaviour, often only slightly, but usually to great effect. This session is extremely popular and delegates frequently tell us that this was the most useful and interesting part of the whole course!

Customer Key Drivers. The real and often underlying reasons that customers make buying decisions, including why they may be loyal to individuals or companies.

Creating a 'win-win' situation. Negotiating Styles and the difference between passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive and assertive behaviours.

Dealing with difficult negotiations and situations.  Following on from the following session we examine ways of diffusing potentially difficult scenarios and includes a step-by-step process for effective complaint handling.

Communication skills.  Verbal and non-verbal skills including a popular and intriguing session on body language, (prepare to be surprised!). Intelligent questioning, listening and challenging and 'pushing' and pulling' are all covered.


Sales Negotiation:

Objective Setting. Always ensuring that you have a good reason to make a sales visit to a customer, and how to set a realistic primary and secondary objective.

Differentiating yourself from the competition.  The importance of professionalism when discussing competitors, and how to highlight unique selling points and areas of differentiation whilst maintaining integrity

FAB - Features, Advantages and Benefits. Putting your product or service forward in such a way that it is compelling and that the customer can relate to. This session also addresses the common mistake of talking about the product, service or the business they work for and not talking about the customer's needs.

Knowing when and where to discount.  Obviously dependent upon sector and company culture. Negotiation skills are explored and insights given as to why certain people are far more effective than others! 'Reasons to say No!' may well be included providing delegates with new ways of meeting price objections with effective resistance.

Up-selling and cross-selling. If relevant to our customer, we can bespoke a session covering this sales activity plus the all important add-on sale.

Handling Objections. The difference between an objection and a rejection. Delegates are often surprised at the methods and techniques that are available to counter seemingly intractable sales objections. This is designed to encourage tenacity without being too pushy.  

Closing the Sale. In our very British way, many sales people are reluctant to close the sale. This session looks at the reasons for this and suggests some practical ways to close the sale and take the order out of the market place.


Managing the role:

Time management. Why some people simply manage to get more done than others, and how to completely change the way tasks are prioritised to ensure the important things are done!

Self motivation, structure and self-discipline. An important session, as most people who have not been 'on the road' do not understand what a challenging and lonely role it can be. How to expect and deal with emotional peaks and troughs and maintain momentum throughout. Dealing with rejection and the importance of being able to say 'no' without making issues personal.

Market research. We are sometimes asked to provide an opportunity for Sales Representatives to consider new markets and possibilities.

Pre-sales preparation. How to effectively prepare for individual sales visits as well as looking at effective territory management and call planning. Includes the economics of a sales force and how much each sales visit costs the company.

Creating appointments and opportunities. Getting past the gatekeeper and asking the right questions depending on what answer you require.

Using sales aids. If required, we can develop a session surrounding the use of sales aids such as PowerPoint or similar, and Presentation Skills.


What next? An open forum to encourage best practise. personal development Planners are completed by delegates to confirm commitment to change. We would encourage senior management to seek confirmation from attendees of what they have learned and how they will apply it in their role. Learning 2XL can help in this regard by confirming the Key Learning Points that often arise from this training programme. 


Who Should Attend Sales Training For Representatives?

We are able to offer value to businesses from most industries and sectors in developing the skills of external sales teams and individuals. It is important that delegates currently have an external sales position, or that they are about to start such a role imminently. 


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