Excellence in Customer Service Training

For groups of people - at your premises or a location of your choice.


Course duration: 1 day

This workshop has been designed to be engaging and highly interactive,and will include encouraging discussion to understanding the customer better, leading to personal development as opposed to prescriptive training.

It is our view that many Customer Service training courses adopt the approach of telling individuals how they should behave in an attempt to increase customer satisfaction. Whilst our Excellence in Customer Service course includes some traditional elements, this approach alone often takes little or no account of the pressures that are faced by delegates on a daily basis, and the restrictions and attitudes that they are faced with in the 'real world'.

With this in mind, delegates complete a Clarity 4D on-line questionnaire before attending the course. This short questionnaire will lead to the publication of an individual Clarity 4D Profile which will be distributed on the day. This profile provides a fascinating insight in to Character Type and behavioural preferences which will allow delegates an understanding of their own 'type' and why others behave and react to situations in certain ways.


Subject Areas Covered

What is excellent customer service? How customers assess you and what they really want. Common causes of poor quality customer service are explored including perceived indifference. This session will allow delegates the opportunity to express the frustrations and obstacles that they encounter in their roles.

Where are we now? Delegates will complete a 'Self Audit' to highlight areas in which they think they may be able to improve, and to celebrate areas in which excellent customer service is already being provided. This will lead to discussion and potential spread of 'best practise'.

Understanding yourself and others. This part of the course is widely reported by delegates to be the most enjoyable and beneficial in helping them to provide better customer service. It begins with an introduction to the four main character types, followed by the distribution of delegates individual Clarity 4D Profiles. These profiles will be fully explained and discussed both as a group and in pairs, and in a safe and supportive environment.

Through a number of exercises this understanding allows delegates to consider ways of modifying their behaviour, often only slightly but usually to great effect with the resulting positive impact upon customer perception.

As well as Character Type, we will also examine what drives customers' needs, managing their expectations and how to best provide a 'win-win' outcome.

Communication Skills. Setting minimum service standards, both face-to-face and through email and the most effective way to deliver bad news whilst minimising the negative perceptions that this may foster.

Negotiation styles, body language and verbal communication skills are covered, including handling interaction with customers from diverse cultures.


What Next? Delegates are encouraged to capture what they have learned and what they will do differently upon return to the workplace.


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Jason delivered highly effective Customer Service training to our team this week. His enthusiastic and engaging manner is what sets him apart from any other training provider I've used in the past. I'd highly recommend Jason for any of your training requirements - especially if you want the information to stick!! Thank you Jason!    

Justin Cohen, Commercial Manager at The Italian Villa, Compton Acres

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