Essential Sales Skills Training

For groups of people - at your premises or a location of your choice.


Course duration: 2 days

This Essential Sales Skills Training workshop explores the fundamental sales skills for internal or external sales staff that are essential in the modern marketplace. We would amend content according to the business sector and the individual requirements of the organisation we are working with; the list below is therefore typical of the content that may be covered.

Regardless of content, we believe that for a course to be successful it needs to be engaging and interactive, and this in turn means it will involve humour and delegates enjoying themselves.Training simply shouldn't be boring!

We also welcome the opportunity to work with our clients and develop methods of ensuring that, whilst being enjoyable, the training was worthwhile and of tangible benefit to the individual and the organisation.



Subject Areas Covered



The role of the sales person. An opening session defining job roles and boundaries, defining 'selling' and what it means to people, and why it sales so often has a bad name in our culture.

The Relationship Cycle. The journey that a sales person takes with a customer from the first meeting, finding common ground, building rapport all the way to the advocacy stage.

Customer Key Drivers. Dependent upon the products or services being sold, we explore what customers really want and why, as sales people, we often don't understand these 'Key Drivers'.

The Perception of Value. Proving that being 'expensive' is usually subjective and the importance of not discounting because of your own perceptions.

Character Type Recognition. An introduction to this fascinating tool which helps delegates to both understand themselves better, and their customers. This leads on to how to modify their own behaviour, often only slightly, but usually to great effect. This session harnesses the power of Clarity 4D, and delegates frequently tell us that this was one of the most interesting and useful parts of the course!


Sales Skills

Differentiating yourself from the completion. Whilst maintaining integrity and understanding your market reputation.

Pushing and Pulling. Providing delegates with 'reasons to say no' when asked for discounted price. Knowing when and where to discount and gaining advantage from doing so.

Negotiation Styles. Establishing individual negotiation styles, and examining Passive, Passive Aggressive, Aggressive and Assertive behaviours and how these affect the way people will deal with you.

Handling Objections. Knowing what to say when you meet resistance and the difference between an objection and a rejection.

Closing the Sale. In our very British way, many sales people are reluctant to ask for the order and close the sale. This session looks the reasons for this and suggests some practical ways to close the sale and take the order out of the market place.

Up selling and cross selling. If relevant to our customer, we can bespoke a session covering this sales activity, plus the all important add-on sale.

Dealing with complaints. A step-by-step guide to successful complaint handling, and dealing with difficult negotiations and situations.


What Next? An open forum is used to encourage best practice and celebrate success or address specific concerns or fears. Action Planning is also encouraged to demonstrate what needs to be done differently.


Who Should Attend Essential Sales Skills ?


Individuals and teams that are involved with selling to your customers, we can adapt course content to suit the experience and job specifications of our delegates.

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Tailor this course

The tutor was really animated and interactive which made each subject personal to us.

Sodra Timber

Really liked the 'Perception of Value' and 'Negotiation Skills'. Very enthusiastic, helped to develop my selling skills and gave a different angle to work on.

McBlair, Northern Ireland

Looking for someting more bespoke?

Course content quite often needs to be modified and adapted to ensure that it is relevant and suitable according to your circumstances, we welcome this and have a wealth of experience designing training and coaching to meet our customer's individual needs.