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Sep 7, 2018

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 Caution – Learner Manager!

I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to provide training to hundreds of managers with different levels of experience. Most of them have one thing in common; they have nearly always been promoted because they were good at the job they were doing previously........and therein often lies a problem!

Being ‘good’ at the previous job will often have involved working harder than the next person, so the promotion was often as a result of effort provided previously. For a new manager however, working hard at the job, and certainly working harder than the next person will probably not be enough to succeed when managing others, (in fact it may be a particularly bad idea!) Providing some training for individuals at the start of their management career must be a good idea though, although some see training as a waste of time with the view being that they can either do the job or they can’t. This negative perception of training is often due to a bad experience in a training room previously (I bet it involved being bored silly and doodling!)

For a new manager to be ‘thrown in the deep end’ and seeing if ‘they sink or swim’ is not to be recommended….they may well swim fine by themselves, but if they sink they will drown, and their failed (yet short) management career will not have been a pleasant experience for all concerned. Showing a new or less experienced manager how to work smarter and not harder, helping them understand what motivates staff and set high standards, whilst learning how to delegate effectively are just examples of what can be achieved having attended an interactive and stimulating training course. 

If only such a course was available……. (Click to take a look!)

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