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Writing for Business Training Course

A written communication (both paper and electronic) can have both benefits and disadvantages for the organisation.  On the one hand it serves as a record or ‘contract’ between them and the customer, and provides clarity on both sides.  On the other hand, however, once written, the words cannot be changed, and it leaves a permanent image of the organisation with the person receiving it.  Reports are written to convey important information or to persuade.  For these and many other reasons, business writing is extremely important and needs to be carefully thought about.  This workshop helps writers who lack confidence to plan, write and format their letters/ emails and reports to preserve and enhance the good relationship between the organisation and their customers.


What you will learn

  • how to achieve more effective written communications. 
  • how to write business letters/ emails to customers, colleagues and other organisations
  • how to structure a convincing report
  • appropriate format and style of language to convey the facts, ideas and messages in a clear and courteous way.


Course outline:            

  • The impact of letters and emails on the receiver
  • Planning and preparation
  • The use of plain English
  • Different types of letters: Positive, Neutral, Unfavourable, Persuasive
  • Useful phrases and words
  • The 6’C’s checklist: how to be clear, concise, courteous, constructive, correct, and complete
  • Report writing and making a business case

Who should attend

Anyone whose job requires them to write non-template letters, emails and reports, internally or externally, and who wishes to improve their skills.

For more info phone 07514 031549 or complete booking form