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Plain English and Better Writing at Work

Plain English / Better Writing at Work Course

serious secretary writing in notepad


Do you feel nervous about writing e-mails, letters, reports, instructions and manuals? Do you slip into long and complicated sentence structures, with heavy-duty words in order to give them authority? Have you received negative feedback about a piece of written work that leaves you feeling disappointed and at a loss? This course is a fun, practical day that covers all you need to know about making a better job of your written communications.


What you will learn:

  • what makes some texts more difficult to read and understand than others
  • how to adapt a variety of texts to make them easier to read and understand
  • some strategies for making a written text easier to follow
  • layout features which make texts easier to read and understand
  • how to put right some common grammar mistakes

Who should attend

Anyone who would like to produce clear, concise and appropriate written information in their job.


For more info phone 07514 031549 or complete booking form