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Dignity at Work

Dignity at Work Training Course

A one-day Workshop to support the prevention of Bullying and Harassment in the workplace


With over 92% of workers reporting that they are currently being bullied in the workplace* and between a third and a half of all stress related illness being caused by the effects of bullying organisations are now waking-up to implications of inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. This workshop will explore the issue of workplace bullying and harassment so that employees can recognise and address inappropriate behaviours either in themselves or others.

What you will learn:

  • To recognise inappropriate behaviour and understand the effect this may have on different individuals
  • To be aware of the organisational values and what this means in the work-place
  • How to tackle inappropriate behaviour within the context of your organisation
  • How to promote the development of a work-place which treats everyone with respect
  • To develop the skills and confidence to challenge appropriately

Who should attend:

All members of staff in organsations that want to promote a culture of mutual respect amongst the workforce.

This workshop is especially relevant for public sector organisations.