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Learning 2XL

Team-Briefing Training

One day course

The Industrial Society has carried out years of research into organisational communication, and has devised a system of briefing employees which carries the message from top to bottom of an organisation. It allows for explanation and makes the information relevant and understandable to all, no matter how many layers of management there are.  It is called Team Briefing, and has a clear structure, based on the following principles: it includes all employees; it is for management to inform their workforce following decision making; it takes place regularly; and it includes both corporate and ‘local’ information.


What you will learn

 This will include:

  • Why is team-briefing important to the success of an organisation?
  • The structure and ‘mechanics’ of Team-Briefing
  • How to prepare for team-briefing
  • How to put across the brief effectively
  • How to get started


Who should attend

This workshop would suit team leaders who need to pass on information to their teams from the senior management team, and senior managers who are interested in developing a system of team briefing in their organisation.

Not quite the course you were looking for?  Contact us to discuss your exact requirements as we have arrange of good communications courses available.

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