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Mentoring Skills

One day training course


A Mentor is an experienced manager who is able to support and guide a colleague by listening and giving feedback. This is especially helpful when undertaking a development programme, or when pursuing a career path.

Acting as mentor to an employee in another team, not only gives that person the opportunity to develop their skills but can also bring benefits to you, other members of their team and to the organisation as a whole.

What you will learn

How can mentors help others develop?

  • The organisational benefits
  • The skills involved in the mentoring process
  • The role of the mentor
  • Ground rules for mentoring
  • How to organise a programme
  • Matching mentors to 'mentees'
  • How to prevent problems arising

Who should attend

Experienced managers participating in a mentoring scheme

We can also help if you are thinking of setting up a Mentoring scheme in your workplace.


For more info phone 07514 031549 or complete booking form

See also: Coaching, Facilitation Skills