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How to Run a Focus Group

Focus Groups


How to Run a Focus Group

One day training workshop

Focus groups can provide you with a range of useful information, from your project's inception right through to its implementation. They should include representatives of the audiences you have targeted. At the front end of a project, you can hold focus groups to help design, assess or refine your objectives. You can discover what participants know or feel about an issue, what they think they need, and how they envisage using the service or participating in the initiative.

As you are producing your plans or materials, focus groups can comment on the design and clarity of your rough versions, evaluating their usability for the intended customer group and suggesting revisions. The data you gather can also suggest strategies for distributing the materials to your audience.

This workshop offers a broad and practical introduction to the topic.


What you will learn:

Participants on this one-day training course will learn how to:

  • Identify the purpose and the audience
  • Develop a screener document
  • Recruit participants
  • Sign up and confirm participants
  • Develop a discussion guide
  • Plan session logistics
  • Run the focus group
  • Debrief informally
  • Analyse notes (and/or tapes)
  • Write focus group report

Who should attend

Anyone considering using this method to gain quality market research information from their customers or feedback from their employees


For more info phone 07514 031549 or complete booking form

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