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The Experienced Manager

The Experienced Manager and Leader

A two day training programme for experienced managers


This course is suitable for more experienced and ambitious managers who are looking to develop their people management skills further. It also looks at developing the leadership skills required to lead a team to achieve more and become more successful.

What you will learn:

The training course includes:

  • Defining leadership style and knowing when, and how to flex it.
  • Motivating your team to acheive more
  • Using Coaching to improve individual and team performance
  • Dealing with diffiuclt team members, including Poor Performers
  • Managing the impact of change within your team

Who should attend:

Any experienced manager who wants to develop their management and leadership skills and improve their own performance and that of their team.

see also Building a High Performance Team

For more info phone 07514 031549 or complete booking form

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