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Most organisations have within their own workforce, tremendous resources of vitality, creativity, talent, commitment and potential. It is often the case, however, that the day-to-day pressures of meeting customer needs means that all that strength remains untapped.

Sometimes, an outside facilitator is needed - to structure activities for teams that can help them to develop the power of working together ‘to excel’.

Learning 2XL can be the catalyst that releases your team’s energies. All facilitation programmes are designed uniquely for your needs.


Team Building

New teams, restructured teams and scattered teams can all benefit from developing trust and understanding through challenges, information-sharing and planning. Long-standing teams can re-energise.


Action Planning

A facilitator can guide and encourage teams to analyse current performance, to generate new ideas, and structure ambitious but achievable plans.



An inspiring vision of what an organisation can achieve can be a highly motivating factor for its employees. A vision is not a luxury, only worthy of large blue-chip companies – it is the reason employees care about their work and it is what keeps them going through the hard times. The facilitator can guide managers and staff through the process of creating the vision, and then advise and assist them to communicate it through the organisation.


Focus Groups

Focus groups can provide you with a range of useful information, from your project's inception right through to its implementation. At the front end of a project, you can hold focus groups to help design, assess or refine your objectives or your rough versions. You can discover what participants know or feel about an issue, what they think they need, and how they envisage using the product/service or participating in the initiative.


Learning 2XL facilitators are highly experienced, clear thinking, responsive and diplomatic group leaders who can encourage and steer you towards your desired outcome while maintaining a professional detachment.

Are you looking to train your own team to be great facilitators?  Then click here to visit our Facilitation Skills Course page.        

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