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Can you answer all of the following questions?

Customer Service Training Courses

Can you answer all of the following questions?

  • How much business do you lose each year due to poor customer service? (Will you ever know?)
  • How do you measure good customer service? What standards should you be meeting?
  • If you improved your customer service, what benefits would that bring to your business and your reputation?
  • Is there a difference between internal and external customer service?
  • How do you give good service to the more difficult customer?
  • If you are in the public sector, what do you do when your customer feels more like a victim?

At Learning 2XL we have a passion for good customer service - we know what it's like to receive poor service! We can help you answer the questions above at our workshops, for all levels and functions of staff.

Good customer service is more than a pleasant face at the reception desk, it runs right through the organisation, starting at the top. If managers champion customer service and enable their staff to deliver the best, then a strong customer service culture will thrive and your team will have greater job satisfaction as they help more customers.

Every organisation can offer the best service - even when you are sending a final demand, saying 'no', or enforcing the law - but staff need to have the right skills and the right attitude. Our workshops can help your staff to see things through the customer's eyes; understand what the customer expects; be empowered to help the customer; and to communicate with empathy and assertiveness with the occasional customer who gets angry or upset.


Find out more about our range of customer service skills training:


Managing for better customer service

A one-day training course for managers of customer-facing teams. If you're not on the front line yourself, how do you make sure that your team are delivering the service your customers want and expect?

Delivering Excellent Customer Service

A one-day training course designed for team members who deal directly with customers. Basic understanding of what is good customer service face to face, on the phone and online. Skills practice in dealing with a range of issues, including first line complaints and anger.

Build your Business through Customer Service

For teams who already give great customer service, this training course encourages delegates to develop a wider knowledge of their organisation's products or services, so that they can answer customers' questions and build on their interests to make secondary sales.

Giving good Service to the Internal Customer

It is easy to forget that the standard of service to the external customer depends on our efficient collaboration with colleagues. This training course examines the internal customer service chain, and how we can make it work smoothly and positively.

Handling Difficult Situations

This course is for anyone who needs to deal with challenging situations at work or hold difficult conversations.


All training courses are tailored to the specific work environment of the client organisation, using your standards, house style, customer profile, etc. Courses can be extended to include development of customer care policies, standards, templates, etc


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