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Check out our newly designed 'Open courses'

Here at Learning 2XL Ltd we have been busy redesigning and updating our courses, and we are delighted to offer 4 additional open courses.

Building a High Performing Team - 1 day

This is an ideal follow-on to our “First Time Team Leader” course or for anyone who has already successfully managed a team. The course looks at inspiring and motivating your team through developing good leadership skills. A must do for any ambitious manager or small business owner. 

Content includes: What motivates people at work? Understanding yourself and others. Management styles and how they can affect a team. Appraisal and advancement opportunities.

This is an engaging and stimulating workshop that will leave you with a clear understanding of how to develop the leadership skills needed to inspire and motivate your team to achieve more. Click here for more info

Quicker, Better Meetings - 1/2 day

This training course is designed to help a chairperson organise the meeting well, and lead it with confidence so that the best outcomes can be achieved in the shortest time. The course includes: Techniques to manage a meeting effectively, How to develop self-confidence and authority in your role as chairperson, How to engender a common purpose in the meeting membership and how to work successfully with the minute taker. Click here for more info

Essential Sales Skills - 2 days

Designed for those new to a sales role, or for anyone wishing to re-focus their sales efforts, this course provides the delegate with a good understanding of what it is that effective sales people do, whilst exploring practical skills aimed at building confidence, and therefore ultimately sales. Includes:  Overcoming your fears and misconceptions about selling, The importance of the Sales Cycle and gaining trust , How to create powerful sales messages, Getting past the gatekeeper, Asking the correct questions at the right time, Differentiating yourself from the competition,  Closing the sale appropriately and quickly. Click here for more info

Effective Time Management - 1 day

This training course offers participants at all levels techniques for getting more out of their working day, for eliminating non-productive activities, for creating time to think and plan, and for making sure they do not get taken off course by the myriad of unplanned events and requests that come their way each day. Click here for more info

All the above courses can also be run on an in-house basis, please contact the office for more details 07514 031549 or email