Which Colour are You?

Jan 5, 2018

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Listed below are four sets of adjectives, at least one will best describe your personality and others will least describe you: 

  Caring  Competitive
  Amicable  Driven
  Considerate  Single Minded
  Sharing  Determined
  Patient  Purposeful


 Analytical  Enthusiastic
 Questioning  Animated
 Cautious  Sociable
 Precise  Persuasive
 Detailed  Expressive


This is not to say that there are only four types of people; we are all made up of different proportions of the above types. One colour usually stands out however as best describing your character................which colour are you?

An understanding of these character types, recognising them in the people we meet every day, and learning how to modify our behaviour as a result, is an amazingly powerful tool when aiming to deliver excellent customer service and generate sales.

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